Simple Reflections Podcast

We’re all unbroken with Chana Studley

March 12, 2023 Dave Hill Episode 1
Simple Reflections Podcast
We’re all unbroken with Chana Studley
Show Notes
Chana  has spent the last 30 years helping others recover from trauma, addictions, and working with all kinds of clients; adults, children and organizations. She has spent the last 5 years helping people with physical issues including chronic pain, allergies, migraines, skin problems and IBS etc., and more recently hormone problems and Long Covid.



Facebook Group : Understanding chronic pain, anxiety and trauma


The Myth of Low Self Esteem –  Amazon


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The Simple Reflections Podcast is a collection of gentle conversations with people from all walks of life, looking at small, seemingly insignificant ideas that have gone on to have profound impacts on the lives of the guests. The podcast is hosted by Dave Hill, the founder of Simplicity in Mind, a leadership and wellbeing coaching practice based in Scotland.

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