Simple Reflections Podcast

Self loathing to self love with The Big Simple

April 23, 2023 Dave Hill Episode 4
Simple Reflections Podcast
Self loathing to self love with The Big Simple
Show Notes

The Big Simple is a social enterprise putting care-leavers and young adults-at-risk in touch with their ability to thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

In this episode Dave is joined by Liliana Bellini and Susan Marmot as they talk about a subject close to their hearts and something they help their clients understand through the programmes they deliver.



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Start the week in a Friday feeling  at our monthly in-person meetings in London.

All welcome!

Here are the details May:

Date –Monday 8th May

Time – 6.30pm /8pm

£10 at the door

£5 concessions

All proceeds go to The Big Simple community work



25 Eccleston Place

London SW1 9NF


Please join us in this rich, interactive and transformative conversations.

These talks offer a new way of finding inner balance and discovering and loving who you already are.

BTW, did we mention that our meet-ups are also lots of fun? No, we didn’t. Well, they always are!!

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The Simple Reflections Podcast is a collection of gentle conversations with people from all walks of life, looking at small, seemingly insignificant ideas that have gone on to have profound impacts on the lives of the guests. The podcast is hosted by Dave Hill, the founder of Simplicity in Mind, a leadership and wellbeing coaching practice based in Scotland.

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