Simple Reflections Podcast

Change from out of the blue with Aaron Turner

March 26, 2023 Dave Hill Episode 2
Simple Reflections Podcast
Change from out of the blue with Aaron Turner
Show Notes

Aaron Turner is the co-founder of One Thought, co-founder of the 3PUK Conference and current President of the Three Principles Global Community.  As an Anthropologist, Aaron has always been fascinated in people, something that has only deepened with his work with the Three Principles.

Based on this experience, Aaron has dedicated his professional life to highlighting and applying the transformative potential of a Principle-based understanding of the mind to our current challenges and limitations highlighting the direct link between people’s state of mind and their outcomes. During his career, he has done this within individual and couples counselling, education and mediation and as a training consultant within businesses, organisational development, leadership development (corporate and military), sales training and team building.



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The Simple Reflections Podcast is a collection of gentle conversations with people from all walks of life, looking at small, seemingly insignificant ideas that have gone on to have profound impacts on the lives of the guests. The podcast is hosted by Dave Hill, the founder of Simplicity in Mind, a leadership and wellbeing coaching practice based in Scotland.

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