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The only thing we have is NOW with Rachel Furman

July 30, 2023 Dave Hill Episode 11
Simple Reflections Podcast
The only thing we have is NOW with Rachel Furman
Show Notes

Rachel Furman is a retired pharmacist living in Studio City, LA, but she’s originally from Israel and served in the Israeli Defence Force in the 1970s.  However, this conversation doesn’t touch on either elements of Rachel’s past, it focuses on her journey to living every single moment of her life, right NOW.

I knew I had to speak to Rachel after seeing the transformation in her view of life.  Last year I heard her ask a very pained and difficult question at the 3PUK Conference in London, where she mentioned she had stage 4 colorectal cancer that has also spread to her liver.  I felt there was a really, heavy feeling of pain, confusion and generally being adrift in Rachel’s question.

At this year’s virtual conference she wanted to provide an update… in theory nothing had changed – if anything they’d got worse with the passage of time – however Rachel was a different person.  The pain and anguish of her question last year had been replaced by a real zest for life… I knew I wanted to learn more and this is the result! 


Additional links : 

Rachel’s Facebook page where she posts her in person Befriending your… series of events in California

University of Santa Monica – programmes in spiritual psychology 

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