Simple Reflections Podcast

It's that simple with Mavis Karn

September 10, 2023 Dave Hill Episode 14
Simple Reflections Podcast
It's that simple with Mavis Karn
Show Notes

Mavis Karn is 83 years young and still working to share a lesson she discovered 45 years ago.  Mavis is a counsellor, educator and consultant from St Paul Minnesota.  She has worked with a wide variety of groups and individuals and has a wonderful way of sharing how she sees us all… perfectly built human beings.

In this episode we discuss that understanding, explore the background to her book, It’s that Simple; a Users’ Guild for Human Beings.


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Book: It’s that Simple; A Users Guide for Human Beings [Amazon]

The Simple Reflections Podcast is a collection of gentle conversations with people from all walks of life, looking at small, seemingly insignificant ideas that have gone on to have profound impacts on the lives of the guests. The podcast is hosted by Dave Hill, the founder of Simplicity in Mind, a leadership and wellbeing coaching practice based in Scotland.

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