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Paying it forward with Ant Power

October 22, 2023 Dave Hill Episode 17
Simple Reflections Podcast
Paying it forward with Ant Power
Show Notes

Ant Power is a great friend and a man I have known for 23 years.  Ant and I first met as young me serving in The First Battalion, The Royal Green Jackets where I was his Platoon Commander.  Ant has had real battles with some of his military experiences over the years that have resulted in periods of hospitalisation, episodes of dissociation and suicide attempts.  However, running through all of that has been his desire to thrive and be the best he can be for his family.  Ant is now a self employed decorator, based in North Wiltshire.

In this episode, Ant and I discuss following what feels right for us and how connecting with people can unlock what looks like intractable situations.

When Ant called me 10 years ago neither of us knew the journey this would take us on.  My desire was to help keep a friend alive, his to remain alive, however, for me it has turned in to a business and this podcast and a desire to help more veterans like Ant.

I am hugely grateful that Ant felt he could reach out in the first place and even more so for seeing him pay that forward to the people he interacts with from day to day.




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