Simple Reflections Podcast

It's never too late with Cathy Casey

November 05, 2023 Dave Hill Episode 18
Simple Reflections Podcast
It's never too late with Cathy Casey
Show Notes

Cathy Casey is a Psychologist and Three Principles Practitioner based in Santa Clara County California, but from after this conversation she will always be Grandma Cathy!

I love the energy and spark that Cathy brings to conversations, her unrelenting desire to find out where the people she is speaking to are coming from and the absolute joy she takes in helping them transform their lives.  She has worked in within the prison system, both with inmates and staff, in large organisations internationally as well as in her day to day life.

In this wonderful conversation Cathy touches on a number of things but the stand out one for me was the how her father found inner peace in his 80s after decades of struggle with his memories of World War Two… I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


The Simple Reflections Podcast is a collection of gentle conversations with people from all walks of life, looking at small, seemingly insignificant ideas that have gone on to have profound impacts on the lives of the guests. The podcast is hosted by Dave Hill, the founder of Simplicity in Mind, a leadership and wellbeing coaching practice based in Scotland.

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